About the organizers

NPO Animeclub Asahio is a Tartu-based anime club in Estonian, active since 2005. The main activities of the club include organizing events for anime fans. For years, anime nights with different themes have been organized successfully, and 4 times a year people can enjoy anime and communicate in a versatile environment. There have also been various lectures, presentations, and workshops. One of the main events is the annual AniMatsuri festival that is growing and growing with every year. In 2014, we are holding the sixth AniMatsuri!

Club’s homepage

Organizing a festival is a long and busy process. In addition to the members of Anime Club Asashio, the success of the festival is greatly contributed to by the volunteers and our sponsors/partners:

Tartu linn
Jaapani–Inglise Keeltekool
Japan Foundation
Jaapani Suursaatkond Eestis
London EXPO Euro cosplay
Genialistide klubi
Hostel Looming
Vizuālās Kultūras Klubs