AMV Competition

L 19.0919:00 – 20:00Ruum 221ESTENGAki

Saturday, Sept 19th: 19:00  / room 221

Time to grab your scissors, glue, and video editing software – Animatsuri 2015 is having an AMV competition!

What’s an AMV? 

It stands for Anime Music Video. The idea is simple: take your favorite anime(s), find a song to go with it, and put together an exciting home-made music video.


1. The video length must be between 2 and 5 minutes.
2. Each participant can submit up to two videos.
3. The AMV has to be entirely made by the author – re-using AMVs created by someone else, even partially, is not allowed.
4. The organizers have the right to disqualify videos that contain pornography or other unsuitable materials.
5. At least 70% of the video content must come from an anime, anime-style video game, or another animation that follows the anime style. The other 30% is entirely up to the author.
6. The choice of music is free. You can use several songs, as well as dialogue and sound effects. Still, remember that this has to be a music video, it must be mainly about the music.
7. Teamwork is allowed. Make sure to include the names of all team members in your submission.
8. To give everyone equal opportunities, you are not allowed to publish and promote your video before the competition. This includes advertising your entries on YouTube or forums. You are not allowed to submit videos that have already participated in another competition.
9. The competing entry cannot include beginning and ending titles (such as the name of the author and the video, acknowledgements, etc.), unless it is a part of the artistic concept of the video. The organizers will add a standard intro clip to each video, containing the names of the competing work and its authors.

Competition Process

1. A jury assembled by the organizers will review all entries submitted by the deadline, and select the top 8 entries for the final competition. If 10 or fewer entries are received, a jury is not assembled, and all submitted entries go straight to the final.
2. The final competition is held at the Animatsuri festival. All finalist works are presented to the festival audience, and the winner is selected by a popular vote.

Submitting Entries

The deadline to submit your entry is: September 6th, 2015, 23:59.

The entry must be submitted in digital form. Any major video format readable by the VLC and MPC-HC media players is accepted. To ensure the best quality, we suggest that the video is provided in 720p resolution (1280×720). All videos with other resolutions will be converted to 720p. We also recommend using the H.264 codec and MKV file format for the submitted video.

A participant can submit the entry using their own file server, or a trustworthy public service, such as Dropbox,, etc. The video must be downloadable without special software (YouTube links are not allowed). The organizers do not provide a file server for video uploads.

Alternatively, videos can be submitted on CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray discs. The discs are not returned to participants.

The maximum file size for videos submitted over the Internet is 1 GB. The video must remain available on the server until the end of the Animatsuri festival (September 18th, 2015). There is no restriction on file sizes for videos submitted in other ways (as long as the video fits on a single disc).

To enter the competition, send an email to or snail mail to MTÜ Animeklubi Asashio, Munga 12, 51007, Tartu.

The letter must contain: 

  • The name of the competing entry,
  • The full names, ages and emails of all participants,
  • A link to to the video file, or the physical media containing the entry (preferably in a box and packaged well),
  • The names of the songs and animes used in the video.

By submitting an entry, you are granting permission to the organizers to publish and promote these works in media channels associated with the festival, including the Animatsuri website, the Asashio Anime Club YouTube channel, forums, etc.

Good luck!

Winner of the AniMatsuri 2014 AMV contest: