Anime Screening: “Book Girl”

L 19.0917:00 – 18:45Room 221ESTENG

Bungaku Shoujo / Book Girl
R: Shunsuke Tada | 2010 | 103 min
Saturday, Sept 19th: 17:00 – 18:45 / room 221 / In Japanese with English subtitles

Shortly after entering high school, Konoha Inoue is recruited into the literature club by Tohko Amano, the president and sole member of the club, after he witnesses her ripping out a page of a book and eating it. Instead of eating actual food, Tohko can only eat stories by consuming the paper they are printed on. Konoha starts spending his days after school writing short stories for Tohko as “snacks”.



The movie is shown in co-operation with JAFF. The movie was also shown during the 2015 festival kavas.