Cosplay Competition

P 20.0916:00 – 18:00GymESTENG

Sunday, Sept 20th: 16:00 – 17:30 / gym / in Estonian, English and Russian

Just like every year, this AniMatsuri will also feature a cosplay aka anime-themed costume competition! To register, fill in the application and email it to cosplay@animatsuri no later than September 11, 2015. The email subject should be “AniMatsuri 2015 cosplay competition application”.

In addition to the application, it is important to add the selected background music as an MP3 file.

An example of the application can be seen here.

This year, the cosplay competition will be in several categories.

  1. Défilé: This is mainly about your costume and your ability to present it on stage as well as you can over approximately one minute. The performance must be between 50-70 seconds. The participation of multiple people is allowed. With the application, please send a photo of your costume (can be a work in progress).
  2. Eurocosplay: The special category for défilé (optional selection on the application). The winner will fly on the 23rd-24th of October to London ComicCon to represent the AniMatsuri festival in the Pan-European cosplay championship! The costs will be covered by the organizer of ComicCon, MCM Expo Group.
  • The costume of the Eurocosplay contestant must be self-made (not purchased from an online store, also applies to separate props) and must be based on an official source (original content). Any sort of fan art is not allowed (a rule of the Eurocosplay contest).
  • The contestant must perform alone (max. one technical helper is allowed).
  • The contestant must be a citizen or permanent resident of Estonia (own an Estonian ID and personal identification code), must be of legal age before October 23rd, 2015, and must be able and ready to go to London.

The Eurocosplay category winner will be selected by an international jury, including previous Eurocosplay winners!

  1. Stage show: This is both about your costume and your choreography and/or the story you tell on stage. Here you can use your imagination and creativity to create a short performance or a dance routine based on your favorite anime. You can perform either alone or with someone, and the whole performance must be 3-4 minutes.

Additionally, there will be an audience favorite special prize which will be selected by the festival’s visitors through a secret vote. The audience favorite’s voting is not divided by categories.

Competing in multiple categories is allowed, but there is an order of importance: Eurocosplay, stage show, défilé, audience favorite. The winner of Eurocosplay cannot win in other categories (the first prize will be given to the second best contestant according to the jury). The winner of the stage show will get their glory anyway, thus they cannot be the winner of the défilé as well, even when they participated in it separately. All the contestants selected by the jury will thus be excluded from the audience’s favorite competition – we will make the voting results public but the prizes will go to those who have not won their category.

NB! We love early registration! This way you will have time for improving your ideas and costumes. If you register before the deadline but can only show a work in progress costume and a lot of enthusiasm, it’s wonderful! Experienced cosplayers among the organizers and winners of the festival are glad to give you advice. What’s important is that everything is more or less ready by the deadline. Everyone polishes their performance till the last moment, after all.

Every year we have festival visitors who do not dare to take part in the competition but walk around, clad in fantastic costumes. Gather up your courage and register – in reality, you have done a great job and your costume is epic!