Drawing Competition

Have you ever thought about what Aki, Sousuke and Wilhelm were like when they were little? Now is your chance to show us, because the theme of this year’s drawing competition is “5-year-old Aki, Sousuke and Wilhelm playing pirates & ninjas“! So get out your pencils, markers and other stuff, and start drawing!

Rules and important information:

  • One author can submit up to two works.
  • The drawing has to be in anime style.
  • The drawing has to be in A4 format (21×29,7 cm). Digital images are not accepted! If you’ve created it on a computer, print it out.
  • The drawing must not be bent or folded, so use an appropriate A4-sized envelope. The drawing must be inside a transparent plastic binder-style pocket, so that we can mount it on the wall.
  • Drawings must be submitted no later than September 11th, 2015 to MTÜ Animeklubi Asashio, Munga 12, 51007, Tartu. Along with the drawing, you must include a letter that contains the author’s full name, age, and active email address. If you want to hand over the drawings personally, email us at art@animatsuri.eu and we will arrange to meet you. Note! If you snail-mail your entry, it will only be included in the competition if the letter’s posting date stamp is no later than September 11th.
  • Drawings can get lost in the post, unfortunately. Because of this, we recommend that you make a backup copy of the work and bring it with you to the festival, so that it can be displayed even if the original really was lost in the mail. Note: Once your works have been received, the organizers will email the address you’ve provided to say that the letter has arrived. If you have not gotten that email by September 14th, please contact the organizers. Works that are brought to the festival, but which have not been reported as lost to the organizers, will not participate in the competition.
  • The drawing must not contain pornography, calls to violence, obscenities, or other inappropriate content.
  • The drawings are not returned to authors.
  • It is forbidden to publish your entries on the Internet before the competition. They can only be published after the competition.

Drawings are displayed as an exhibition during the festival, and all visitors can vote for the winner. The voting and the drawings are anonymous.

The winner of the drawing competition is announced at the awards ceremony, at the end of the second day. The top three will receive prizes!

Because the winner is decided by popular vote, the drawing competition is open to members of the festival staff.