Stepmania dance pad

Qualifications / Saturday, Sept 19 / assembly hall / Estonian and English
Semi-finale & Finale / Sunday, Sep 20 / assembly hall / Estonian and English

What is StepMania? It is a freeware rhythm game based on the popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. The game can be played either on a keyboard or a dance pad. It can be played alone or against someone else. The songs for the game can be self-made or downloaded in different song pack from the internet. The largest selection is probably on the StepMania homepage ( From there you can also install the free program to start practicing.


  • The form of the contest is tournament for which one has to qualify.
  • To take part in the qualifications, find the room called “Game Room” (Mängutuba), step inside and write down your name to the participation sheet.
  • In the room you will be given a song (that is not included in the pack below(!)) and you are given two attempts for playing it. The higher score of the two counts as your final qualification score.
  • 16 participants with the highest scores advance to the finals.
  • The qualifiers will be announced on September 19th at 19:00 on the wall of the Game Room as well as the festival homepage and Facebook page.
  • Who will go against whom in the first round will be decided by drawing lots.
  • The contestant must be present during their song. If we cannot find you, we are forced to announce your opponent the winner.
  • In case of technical difficulties, the song will be stopped and restarted.
  • The winner of this years tournament will go against our previous 3-times champion Oliver in a title match to see who is the champion is this year!

Fun prizes for the winner of the tournament!

The practice pack for training can be downloaded here.