Koryu Uchinadi karate

L 19.0914:15 – 15:30GymESTAndreas Kangur
Tartu Budoklubi

The Tartu Budo Club will introduce AniMatsuri visitors to Koryu Uchinadi karate, an “old-school” Okinawan martial art. Unlike modern karate, it places more emphasis on practical combat, making it similar to MMA. Koryu Uchinadi includes all martial art elements – strikes, blocks, throws, holds, pain points, choking, and ground wrestling.

Tea Ceremony

P 20.0913:00 – 14:30Room 225ESTKertu Bramanis

A Japanese tea ceremony is a meeting place, where a shared bowl of tea enhances the closeness, harmony and respect for those around you. A tea ceremony includes various rituals, which are important because of their pre-determined process and etiquette. The art of tea expands into other Japanese arts, such as flower arrangement, calligraphy, poetry, gardening, ceramics, etc. For the guests and the tea master alike, the defining values of all activities and interactions are harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei), and tranquility (jaku). At first glance, we may not understand and notice all the interconnected elements, but we can still perceive that the tea ceremony is not a show put on for our benefit – it is a unique shared experience, “one life, one meeting”.

Martial Arts Weapons Demo

L 19.0916.15GymESTReedik Pääsuke
Martial arts instructor

You will be introduced to the combat and training weapons used in Japanese and Philippine martial arts, along with an explanation of the peculiarities of their use.