Flea Market

Are you an artisan or crafter? Would you like to share your creations with others? Do you have Japan/anime-themed stuff lying around that you would like to get rid of? Do you want to sell/trade/give away things you don’t need any more? Or are you looking for awesome yet affordable anime swag that others no longer need? Then come and be a seller or buyer at our flea market!

Things to remember:

  • The items on sale must be self-made, or purchased original goods (pirated goods are not allowed).
  • You must have an Animatsuri ticket to participate in the flea market.
  • You are not allowed to sell food or drink at the flea market.
  • You cannot claim a table upon arrival, you must reserve one in advance.
  • You are responsible for your own table. There is no extra security.
  • You must keep your table and its surroundings tidy.

Someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure!

Registration for the flea market is open until September 13th, 2015, 23.59. No applications will be accepted after that time.

How to get a table?

To reserve a table, email kaili@animatsuri.eu.
You will get a registration sheet that you will need to fill out. You can also ask any questions you might have at this email.


Companies that are interested in selling their goods at Animatsuri are also welcome. For them, we will have a separate shopping area next to the flea market. To register for a shop booth, or get additional information, please email kaili@animatsuri.eu.