Komaneko – The Curious Cat

komaneko1_2Komadori Eiga Komaneko(こま撮りえいが こまねこ)

Color / 1:1.85 / 2006 / 60 min / KOMANEKO Film Partners ©TYO/dwarf・Komaneko Film Partners

The movie will be shown on the 2. september with the movies “Planzet” and “Komaneko’s Christmas – The Lost Present -“. Read more HERE.



[The First Step]
One sunny day, female kitten Koma decides to make a stop motion film. She begins to write the storyboards, make the stuffed toys, and draw the background art. Before long, Koma starts making her film — shooting frame by frame with her cute 8mm camera, and carefully checking each frame. But her shooting is interrupted by an obnoxious fly, resulting in an unexpected accident. Will she be able to complete her project?

[Hands on Camera]
Koma adores working with her old 8mm camera, which is ancient but reliable. As she continues shooting her project, Koma encounters a strange creature.

[Koma and Radi-bo]
Radi-bo and his father Radi-papa come to Koma’s house to fix a broken radio. What results is Koma’s first encounter with the irritable Radi-bo and how they become friends.

[Radi-bo’s Battle]
Radi-bo is flying his radio-controlled model plane when a bird attacks it. The model crashes to bits and Radi-bo vows to get revenge. But his plot against the bird ends with the two adversaries becoming friends.

[Real Friends]
While out on a picnic one day, Koma encounters a strange creature. Naturally, she is quite startled at first, but after she realizes that it returned a stuffed toy that she had lost, Koma is no longer afraid of the strange creature. This wonderful episode shows the importance of being oneself and not judging people by their appearance.

Director: Tsuneo Goda
Original Story & Character Design: Tsuneo Goda
Animator: Hirokazu Minegishi, Tokiko Ohmukai, Mina Nohara
Cinematographer: Masafumi Nagasaka, Hiroshi Fukumi
Production Design: Shinji Yabe
Editor: Makoto Hoashi, Megumi Yoshida
Music: aikamachi+nagie
Ending theme by solita

Executive Producers: Hiroaki Yoshida, Sumiji Miyake
Producers: Noriko Matsumoto, Naoko Watanabe


In collaboration with Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in Estonia

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