Festivals attract very diverse crowds, and unfortunately, things can happen. To avoid unpleasant situations, we ask that all festival visitors follow these guidelines.

1. These guidelines apply to all venues of the Animatsuri festival from its start to its end.
2. The start of the festival is the time at which the first visitor is admitted to the venue. The end of the festival is when the last visitor leaves the venue.
3. If this guideline conflicts with the venue’s guidelines, then the venue’s guidelines apply.
4. This guideline regulates the behavior of the festival’s organizers, team, volunteers, and visitors.
5. Exceptions to this guideline can be made with the permission of the festival’s head organizer.

Attending the Festival
1. The festival venue includes all rooms that are used to conduct the festival.
2. The festival venue is split into three zones.
2.1. The venue’s first zone is open during the festival to organizers, team members, volunteers, and and visitors. A visitor is a person with a valid festival pass, an exhibitor/performer, or who has been admitted to the festival by special permission. Special permissions are issued only by the head organizer.
2.2. The festival’s second zone includes areas which require special permissions to enter. These are open to organizers, team members, specially permitted volunteers, and persons who have purchased special passes.
2.3. The third zone is open only to volunteers, team members and organizers.
3. Pre-school-age children are only allowed to attend the festival if they are accompanied by someone aged 14 and above. The companion is responsible for the behavior of the pre-schooler.

1. A volunteer is a person who has signed a volunteer work agreement with the Animatsuri organizers.
2. The volunteer’s special rights and special obligations are set forth in the volunteer work agreement signed between the volunteer and the Animatsuri organizers.

1. The festival organizers are not responsible for the security of items that people have brought along for their personal use.
2. If the festival venue’s property, or any items provided specifically for the festival (such as TVs, game consoles, audio equipment, etc.) are damaged, the person who damaged them must compensate the item’s owner for the full extent of the damage.

Forbidden Items
1. Forbidden items are items that visitors are not allowed to bring into the festival venue while the festival is running. Weapons (including firearms, gas-powered and pneumatic weapons, tazers, and knives/other sharp blades) are not allowed in the festival venue.
2. Forbidden items shall be immediately confiscated by the festival organizers. Confiscated items shall be stored and returned after the end of the festival, at the discretion of the organizers. The organizers have the right to return an item confiscated from an underage person only to that person’s parent or legal guardian.
3. The festival organizers are not responsible for the security of the confiscated items while in storage.

1. All festival visitors must be considerate to the well-being of other people.
2. Unacceptable behavior includes psychological and physical harassment, alcoholic or narcotic intoxication while in the festival venue, and ignoring the instructions of festival organizers.
2.1. As an exception, light alcoholic intoxication is permitted for adult festival visitors during the formal ball held at the Sakala student corporation house, and the Animatsuri afterparty held at Genklubi.
3. Visitors whose behavior is unacceptable may be required to leave the festival venue. The festival organizers are not required to reimburse the cost of tickets or any other costs in such an event.


1. All persons within the festival venue must follow a dress style that is appropriate for a public place. Consider that the festival takes place in a school, and visitors include underage children.
2. If the festival organizers feel that a particular costume is inappropriate, they have the right to ask the wearer to cover up.

1. If a festival visitor is in breach of these guidelines, the festival organizers may require that visitor to leave the festival venue. There will be no refund of any tickets in this event.
2. For minor breaches or disruptive behavior, the organizer or volunteer responsible for a particular area of the festival, may require the offending visitor to leave that festival area. There will be no refund for any registration charges etc. in this event.
3. A sanction applied by a volunteer may be appealed to an organizer. A sanction by an organizer may be appealed to the head organizer. The head organizer’s decision is final.
4. If the offending visitor is a pre-schooler, the sanctions are also applied to their companion.