Sushimon Cafe


For the third time in a row, our festival will feature the Sushimon Sushi Cafe, which will be serving delicious meals and drinks. If you have an empty stomach, head for the school cafeteria! The cafe is open throughout the entire festival.

The cafe menu:

* philadelphia maki
(salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, sesame seeds)
5pc 3€ / 10pc 5€

* california maki
(surimi, caviar, avocado, cucumber)
5pc 3€ / 10pc 5€

* vegan
(kampyō pumpkin, sweet tofu, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds)
5pc 3€ / 10pc 5€

* Matsurimon combo
maki 5pc (grilled salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, wakame seaweed)
nigiri (tamago egg, giant shrimp, salmon)
garnish (wakame seaweed)

bento 5€
* Saturday
Chicken curry and rice

* Sunday
Grilled salmon with rice, Japanese marinated vegetables, tamago omelette, Japanese potato salad

* matcha cookies 4pc 1€
(home-made green tea cookies)

* Japanese soft drinks  0,5l 2.50€
(green tea, lemon 1000, mango tea)

* Water 1€

In collaboration with Sushimon, we have created a delicious sushi set: Matsurimon, which will be available in the main Sushimon restaurant in Tallinn from September – and you can also try it at AniMatsuri!