100USAGI is an online anime shop that offers accessories, office supplies, decorations, and other anime-themed stuff. Their vendor booth will have something of interest to anyone who’s interested in Asian cultures and lifestyles. The selection is broad, from wallets, charms, umbrellas to figurines and clothes. The 100Usagi booth will have something for every age of visitor. More info:


MoMo is a Japanese food and grocery shop that lets you enrich your cuisine with new tastes. The Tallinn-based food shop offers over 200 different products that cater to Japanese palates. More info:

MoMo’s vendor booth at this year’s AniMatsuri will feature refreshing Japanese soft drinks and exciting snacks.


The anime shop AniPopGam is a first-time vendor at this year’s AniMatsuri. Their booth will have something for you to hug and to nom. AniPopGam offers a huge selection of different animal plushies, large and small. It will also provide various Japanese snacks. More info:

Fantaasia Publishing

The Fantaasia publishing house was founded in 1999, and it is dedicated to genre fiction: science fiction, fantasy, romance, etc. It also organizes annual SF story competitions in collaboration with the Estonian SF Society. Its vendor booth at AniMatsuri will feature a broad range of genre books, including Estonian authors and translations. More info:


Apollo is the largest chain of bookshops in Estonia. It includes 14 shops dedicated to books and entertainment products, as well as one of the largest online shops in the Baltics. Apollo’s vendor booth will feature books that are related to Japanese culture. More info: is a returning favorite for AniMatsuri. This is a Lithuania-based online anime shop that has been active since 2008. Its selection includes various accessories, anime posters, DVDs, souveniers, and of course, stuffed llamas! More info:

Hammond Art & Hobby

The company Nevskaya Palitra, which uses the trade name Hammond, was founded in 2000 and provides retail and wholesale art supplies. Their shops cater to artists, art students, and designers. Their vendor booth at AniMatsuri will offer the equipment necessary to create your own manga, particularly markers. More info:


This Polish anime shop is coming all the way to Animatsuri to introduce its selection of goods. They are bringing various anime posters, T-shirts, charms, and lots of other stuff. Komikslandia is the biggest and most famous anime shop in Poland. More info:

Helios Publishing

This publishing house released the book “Japanese food in Estonia” last year, and will be presenting it at their booth at AniMatsuri. The book features lots of recipes, from quick-to-prepare dishes to elaborate festive offerings. More info here.

EVAnime Club



Information desks: 


Youth For Understanding is an international non-profit organization that offers education-focused cultural exchange programs in over 60 countries. Exchange students can apply to various places, including Japan and South Korea. More info:

The organization’s Tartu representative will be on hand to answer questions, and an exchange student from Japan will talk about their experience. Come and find out about this exciting opportunity!