AniMatsuri mementos

The traditional AniMatsuri mementos can once again be bought from the AniMatsuri information table.

SHIRTS – 10€

T-shirts are a must for all festivals. The yellow and black ones are for sale. The organizers have red and orange shirts, and our supporter ticket buyers have blue shirts.

BADGES – 1,5€

Some badges to put on your bag, trousers, shirts, or hats!

BAGS – 5€

Carry your new mementos in this cool bag!
Bag height 40 cm, width 37 cm, length of handles 27 cm.

STICKERS – 1€/piece

Decorate your laptops, phones, and notebooks with the festival mascots!


Grab an AniMatsuri stress ball and squeeze away all your work or school troubles while reminiscing about your fun AniMatsuri experience!
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 cm
Material: polyurethane


Want to take notes during presentations? The AniMatsuri notebook is just for that!


Once again you will have a chance to buy all festival posters in a set!