Making a Cosplay: From A to Z

Want to make a cosplay but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed with all the possibilities?
Cosplay making is a fun activity where you can learn so many new things and skills, but it can also be just as stressful and scary. So we would like to share a few tips and possible solutions on how to make your cosplay experience better and we’ll try to lead you through the whole trip during which a character from a paper reference is brought to life!

What to choose and how? What should we pay attention to once we get down to planning? What would be the best material choice and how to find it? What should we avoid? How to upgrade your skills and costume quality? These would be just a few of the topics we’ll try to share with you! All participants are very welcome to join in the discussion 🙂

Making a Cosplay: From A to ZSaturday, 23.09 12:30 - 13:30