Aikido demonstration

Aikido (合気道) is a form of Japanese martial arts created by O-Sensei (The Great Teacher). On the physical level, aikido is a form of art that includes some throws and joint locks derived from jiu-jitsu, and a few throws and other techniques from kenjutsu. The goal of aikido is not to hit the target with a hand or a foot, but by using the energy of the attacker, gain control over them or throw them away. Aikido is not a static art as there is a lot of emphasis on movement and the dynamic of the moves. We will talk more about aikido. In addition to the technical side, we will demonstrate the use of bokken (a wooden sword).

The members of Aikido Club Agatsu will be represented.

Aikido demonstrationSaturday, 23.09 14:15 - 15:45

Kendo demonstration

The members of Tartu Kendo club will introduce the legendary Japanese sword art and martial art that started in the middle ages. The Japanese sword harbors the soul of the samurai and this weapon is one of the symbols of the Japanese culture. The term ‘kendo’ means ‘the way of the sword’.

Kendo demonstrationSaturday, 23.09 12:30 - 14:00
gymMargus Freudenthal, Tartu Kendo Club

Medieval weapons and armor demonstration

We will demonstrate the copies of European historical weapons and armors from the Roman Empire and the age of vikings to the 15th century. We will discuss, how and why one or the other things was used, and demonstrate how it was done. The items can be touched and tried on. Additionally we will talk about the history of Estonia. We will introduce and demonstrate modern sportfighting with medieval weapons.

Medieval weapons and armor demonstrationSaturday, 23.09 17:45 - 19:15
gymSõdalaste Koda, MTÜ Eesti Ajaloolise Mõõgavõitluse Liit

Koryu Uchinadi karate

Koryu Uchinadi karate is an old-school martial art. It is characterized by its practical nature – the idea that function creates form, not the other way around. Koryu Uchinadi traces its roots back to the common skills of guards in the Ryukyu kingdom – the purpose of hand-to-hand combat there was primarily law enforcement and self defence (not wartime combat). In that sense, the philosophy of old-school martial arts is closer to those of Bruce Lee and modern MMA than to the later systems, which were ritualized or adjusted to become competitive sports.

The Koryu Uchinadi system has reached us thanks to the work of Patrick McCarthy. He lived in Japan for nearly 10 years, researching the history of martial arts, and studying under the most famous masters who are still alive. Based on his experience and research, he created system that combines all aspects of martial arts. We will demonstrate how hits, blocks, joint-twisting and locking holds, throws, choke holds and ground wrestling work together in a single system, and we will also let participants try this for themselves. We will also bring along some traditional weapons to demonstrate in use. The Koryu Uchinadi martial art is taught in the Tartu Budo Club, and the classes are open to both young and old. In addition to practical self-defense skills and a cool hobby, a side benefit of the classes is a significantly improved physical form.

Koryu Uchinadi karateSaturday, 23.09 16:00 - 17:30
gymAndreas Kangur, Andres Kaljuste, Rasmus Vahtra, Allan Ahu, Martin Rein, Uku Luhamaa, Tartu Budo Club