“Silent Hill” and the roots of Japanese fear aesthetics

Age restriction: 16+

Most often, people associate the kawaii aesthetics and other cuteness with the Japanese pop culture, but next to this has formed another group of fans appreciating a completely different aesthetic catharsis – the Japanese horror genre that can be expressed in a movie, manga, anime, or video game. In this small lecture we will take a look at the Japanese fear aesthetics, using the fantasy world created in the video game Silent Hill for analysis. With examples from art, mythology, and movies we will try to define where inspiration for creating various monsters and dystopian space has been drawn, and what is the aesthetic value of the fear-inducing creatures.

“Silent Hill” and the roots of Japanese fear aestheticsSaturday, 23.09 15:00 - 16:00
203Maret Nukke, lecturer of Japanese Studies, Tallinn University

Alternative roleplay systems for D&D

There are numerous types of roleplay, the most popular of them in Estonia is probably D&D (sometimes also AD&D) which, however, has a number of downsides. During this presentation we will look into various roleplay systems, discuss their funner mechanics, and see how they carry their themes.

Alternative roleplay systems for D&DSaturday, 23.09 12:30 - 13:30
225Ove Hillep

Making a Cosplay: From A to Z

Want to make a cosplay but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed with all the possibilities?
Cosplay making is a fun activity where you can learn so many new things and skills, but it can also be just as stressful and scary. So we would like to share a few tips and possible solutions on how to make your cosplay experience better and we’ll try to lead you through the whole trip during which a character from a paper reference is brought to life!

What to choose and how? What should we pay attention to once we get down to planning? What would be the best material choice and how to find it? What should we avoid? How to upgrade your skills and costume quality? These would be just a few of the topics we’ll try to share with you! All participants are very welcome to join in the discussion 🙂

Making a Cosplay: From A to ZSaturday, 23.09 12:30 - 13:30

Festivals abroad, or there and back

We all know that fun and positive feeling that is created by an exciting festival, best friends, interesting activities, and all your favorite things in one place. In our presentation we will introduce various festivals abroad that have provided this feeling for us. We will discuss the financial side, transportation options, accommodation, ticket prices, and the festivals themselves.

Festivals abroad, or there and backSunday, 24.09 12:30 - 13:30
225Karen Tuul, Eili Lusti

Prop making out of PVC foam board

This panel is for cosplayers wanting to learn prop making out of PVC foam board. It will cover tools, materials and techniques that work best with it, the type of props you can make with this material and how to achieve certain shapes, and several bonus tips on how to paint and weather your finished props. It is an extensive cosplay craftsmanship focused panel.

Prop making out of PVC foam boardSaturday, 23.09 17:30 - 18:30
225Dulcinea, Dulcinea Cosplay

How to train your cosplay beards

Be it crossplaying (women cosplaying men) or men cosplaying men, sometimes you encounter a character who has facial hair. This can vary from a stubble through a goatee to a floor sweeping beard monster. If you can’t or don’t want to grow hair on your face yourself rest assured there are multiple ways to make fake ones. I will show you my favourite techniques that could help you on your lost way!

How to train your cosplay beardsSaturday, 23.09 15:00 - 16:00
225Dudus, Dudus Arrrt

Japanese figurine collecting for beginners

We will talk about anime/manga/hobby figurines, introduce different types of figurines, explain the difference between the original and a bootleg figurine, why you shouldn’t buy a bootleg, and where to buy an original for a reasonable price. We also plan to bring a few rarer figurines to show after the presentation.

Japanese figurine collecting for beginnersSaturday, 23.09 13:45 - 14:45
203Mariliis Teearu

The Dangers of Cosplay on the Internet: tips and advice how to avoid bad situations

The internet is a great place to share cosplay photos and talk with other cosplayers and fans about the stuff you love, no matter where you live. But sadly, the internet can be quite dangerous! Especially because everyone from everywhere around the world is able to see your photos and react on them. This can cause trouble! What should I do when my future boss sees me in weird costumes? Or what happens when some weird website steals my photos and uses them as their own? And what should I do when a fan gets a bit more fanatic than I want him/her to be? About all this topics we will talk in this panel!

The Dangers of Cosplay on the Internet: tips and advice how to avoid bad situationsSaturday, 23.09 16:15 - 17:15
203Calssara, Calssara Cosplay

Getting started in game development, visual novel deconstruction

Games have become a part of our everyday lives and I’m sure you can name many of your favorites. But do you know who had to do what to build those games? Maybe you’ve wondered what it takes to make your own game, but don’t know where to start? This is what I’ll talk about. During the presentation we will deconstruct one visual novel into its ingredients, but will also touch games from different genres fitting the themes of AniMatsuri.

Getting started in game development, visual novel deconstructionSunday, 24.09 13:45 - 14:45
225Toomas Laasik

Muscles & Make-up

Join Elffi as he talks about nowaday’s trend topic – Cosplay Fitness. What are the basics behind a healthy diet & gym routine for cosplay purposes? How to look more muscular and toned in photos? What is a liquid flush, body contouring and toning? All this and much more muscles & make-up related topics are discussed in this interactive presentation where the audience has a chance to ask questions anytime!

Muscles & Make-upSaturday, 23.09 13:45 - 14:45
225Elffi, Elffi Cosplay

Wigs 101

Have you ever wondered if you could bring your costume making skills to a new level, but you have already learned all the sewing/painting/crafting skills? How about your wig-styling skills? This Saturday you will have a unique opportunity – Fleur will share her knowledge and extra tips on wigs! Fleur will talk about the importance of paying extra attention to your character hair. In the lecture you will learn how to cut, style and take care of your wig to depict your favourite character in the full grace!

Wigs 101Saturday, 23.09 16:15 - 17:15
225Effymia, Effymia Cosplay

The depiction of nudity in Japanese visual media

Age restriction: 16+

Have you seen nakedness in anime that would be censored or even banned in Western television? Have you been surprised by the lack of taboos regarding certain body parts? Or perhaps just wondered where did the nipples go?

This presentation will give a short overview of what is and isn’t allowed to be shown on screen, how it all is regulated and what are the historical reasons behind it.

Only mainstream media is covered. No references to pornography or graphic erotic images will be shown.

The depiction of nudity in Japanese visual mediaSunday, 24.09 12:30 - 13:30
221Piiu Pilt

A certain student’s memory moulding

This presentation will be broadly about my memories of travel, pilgrimage places and Japanese culture relevant to each place where I have ever been. First of all, several prefectures to which I had traveled by hitchhiking are introduced, along with my travel recollections, and culturally important things about each one. The places I will be introducing are Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagano, Ishikawa, and several others. Tokyo will be first, as it is my home city. A concise introduction and conclusion are included in the beginning and the end of presentation respectively.

A certain student’s memory mouldingSaturday, 23.09 16:00 - 17:15
141Hiromasa Saito