Japanese tabletop game evenings

Japanese tabletop game evenings

When? September 13th and 25th at 19:00 (Go), and September 18th and October 3rd at 19:00 (Mahjong)
Where? Säde Coffee Shop (Rüütli 4, Tartu)
How much? Free!
In Estonian
Go on September 13th
Go on September 25th
Mahjong on September 18th
Mahjong on October 3rd


As part of Japan Month, you will have a chance to learn traditional tabletop games popular in Japan! On four different evenings at 19:00 Säde coffee shop will host tabletop game nights where you can learn how to play Mahjong and Go.

September 13th and 25th are reserved for Go, the oldest and most popular tabletop games in the world. This two-player game may have simply rules, but it is nowhere near easy when it comes to playing and making strategies. 4-6 people can play at once.

On September 18th and October 3rd we will play Mahjong, a four-player game extremely popular in Asia. Keep in mind, however, that the Mahjong games online do not have much in common with the traditional Mahjong. 3-4 people can play at once.

The event is in Estonian. Come and play free of charge!