Translating directly from Japanese, kendo means ‘the way of the sword’, indicating the traditional Japanese martial art.

Kendo in its current form was created approximately 200 years ago when real and wooden swords were switched to bamboo swords (shinai) in training for safety reasons. At the same time arose the need for protective gear. The adoption of shinai and protective gear led to the various schools and styles becoming closer in form, and standardized.

Nowadays kendo is practiced by about 8 million people, 7 million of them in Japan. In Japan, kendo is also a compulsory part of the police training. Although the samurai was the only class in Japan allowed to bear a sword, kendo is directly connected to the so-called samurai code, bushido.

KendoSaturday, 22.09 12:30 - 14:00
Margus Freudenthal, Toni Tuominen, Otto Nõmm, Janar Bachmann, Tartu Kendoklubi