Rahaga festivalil / Money at the festival

Festivalil arveldamine toimub sularahas. Sama kehtib ka balli ja peo kohta. Eranditeks on festivalil olev Sushimoni sushikohvik ning peol Genialistide klubis olev Möku baar.

Lähimad sularahaautomaadid leiab pankade kodulehtedelt: SEB, SwedBank, Danske/Nordea ja LHV.

Paying at the festival is only in cash, this also goes for the masquerade and party. The only exceptions are sushi cafe Sushimon at the festival and Möku bar in Genialistide Klubi during the party. So take enough with you!

To find the nearest ATM of your bank, please check the banks’ homepage: SEB, SwedBank, Danske/Nordea and LHV.