Ninjas vs Pirates

The Internet war rages on! Whose side will you pick? Whose powers are superior? Let’s find out! Register for the Pirates vs Ninjas competition at the information desk. Winners will receive their prizes at the award ceremony on Sunday!

How do we choose the winner? Is it a battle to the bloody death? Last man standing? Let’s be more civilized and have fun! Here are the games:

  • Ninja – Speed is the essence! Test yourself in this game of quick reaction times.
  • Discount Twister – Stamina is also very important on the high seas! How long can you stand on a couple of peg legs while supporting your crew?
  • Shark Attack – More reaction speed! Flee the shark attack to the safety of a small boat. But there are not enough boats for everyone, and while they can be shared, they are extremely fragile.
  • Fight smart! – It’s not just about your physical abilities! Take part in various activities throughout the festival, and gather points for your team. Knowledge and experience counts above all!
  • Treasure Hunt – Test your brain cells. Can you figure out where the treasure is buried? Are you prepared to do anything to retrieve it?


  • Ninja – Saturday 14.00 / atrium
  • Discount Twister – Saturday 16.00 / atrium
  • Shark Attack – Saturday 18.00 / atrium
  • Fight Smart – Starts Saturday at 12.30, ends Sunday at 15:30 / everywhere
  • Treasure Hunt – Sunday 12.30 – 15.30 / atrium

How to play?

Once you arrive, go to the AniMatsuri information desk (near the entrance), choose your faction (ninja or pirate), write down your name, and get your points sheet. That’s it. Now go out and test your skills!

Registration is open only on Saturday.

Who wins?

Simple: every participation in every activity gives you points! In competitions, points are awarded to the group whose member won. So if a Pirate faction member wins the Ninja game, all Pirates who participated in the game get points. The winner gets double points! Bonuses are also awarded for appropriate costumes.

Points sheets must be submitted to the AniMatsuri information desk no later than Sunday at 15.30. These will determine the winner of the eternal struggle!