Location and parking

The home of our festival is the Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, located at Munga 12 in Tartu. Entrance to the building is from Rüütli street, through the door in the picture below. (Rüütli is the main walking street in the Old Town, you can easily find it starting from Town Hall Square.)


The Hugo Treffner School is right in the center of Tartu, and easily accessible by foot, bicycle, or car.

Everyone who lives in Tartu or has visited the festival before knows exactly where the school is. But for new visitors, here are some tips for orientation and parking.

Arriving in Tartu by bus

From the main bus station, there are two ways to reach the festival venue. Both of these are an easy 10-15 minute walk.

1) Go through the shopping center that is part of the bus station. Exit at the big road intersection, cross Turu street and walk up Riia street (with the Kvartal shopping centre) to the next pedestrian crosswalk. Cross Riia street to your right, and you will be at the start of a long walking street, with a little park on your left and a big gray box of a shopping center on your right. Keep walking straight along this street, across the Town Hall Square and straight again. Eventually you will come to the Treffner school building.

2) Another option is to go through the shopping center, duck under the bridge, and walk along the riverside (upstream). The next bridge you come to, which is only for pedestrians, will be at the bottom of Town Hall Square. Turn into the square (wait for a green light at the crosswalk!), and go up almost as far as the fountain. Now turn right into the walking street, and follow it to the Treffner school building.

Here is a map of both routes.

(Select the layer “ööbimine ja teekonnad” on the map.)

Arriving by car

Parking in the center of Tartu is free on weekends, except for the EuroPark parking lot between Hotel London and the Underground pub.

The closest big parking lot is on Magistri street – you can see it if you go along the road next to the river, a little past Town Hall Square. Parking on the street elsewhere in the Old Town should be free, but finding a space might be hard. Parking under the roofs of the Kaubamaja and Tasku shopping centers will cost you money.

Parking in the Hugo Treffner courtyard is forbidden unless you have a special permit under your windscreen. The permit is given only to festival organizers and special exhibitors who need to offload bulky cargo. For more information, please contact info@animatsuri.eu.

(Select the layer “parkimine” to see some parking options.)

Arriving by bicycle

There is plenty of space and railings to lock your bicycle, both in front of the Hugo Treffner building and in the courtyard. We recommend locking up in the courtyard, that should be a little more secure.