Burnout Paradise

Registration – Saturday, 24.09 at 12:00-14:00
Qualifications and finals – Saturday, 24.09 at 14:00-16:00



Burnout Paradise is an arcade racing game from the Burnout Series developed by Criterion Games. The game series is exclusively for console, but in 2009 a PC version called “Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box” was released. It included Party Mode which is considered a favorite by ‘couch gaming’ event participants.


About Party Mode

Burnout Paradise: Party Mode is a tournament of up to 8 rounds with up to 8 players. The players alternate playing solo and the points are counted automatically after each round/event. The player with most points go first, the one with the least points goes last. If the point count is the same, the game selects the first player randomly. There are three types of events: Stunt, Skill, and Speed.

  • Speed – The event is about doing something in a set time limit. For example, advertisements must be broken or a certain speed reached on the track.
  • Skill – This event may include various feats requiring skills, such as driving in the opposite lane, drifting, and staying in the air.
  • Stunt – Stunt events are special as there is a specific objective given. If you can do it, you get maximum points. If not, you will receive 0 points.



  • Registration is on Saturday, 24.09 at 12:00-14:00.
  • 5 rounds per 1 match will be played. Up to 8 players can participate in one match.
  • The best of each match proceeds to the finals. In the event of a draw, the tied players proceed to the finals.
  • The finale is also 5 rounds per 1 match and the participant number depends on how many reached the finale.
  • In the event of a finale draw, the tied players will play a quick extra match (3 rounds).
  • In case of a lot of participants (25+), the number of rounds will be reduced to avoid running out of time.
  • The winner of the finale gets a prize.
  • The tournament will be played on PC with one Xbox 360 controller.

NB! The length of 1 match (5 rounds, 8 players) is approximately 40 minutes. Try not to stray away from the game room during that time. If the player hasn’t returned in a couple of minutes, they will miss the round.


Game trailer

Burnout Paradise registration 12:00 - 14:00GamingHouse
Burnout Paradie qualifications and finale 14:00 - 16:00GamingHouse