Japan Month workshops

töötuba sushi v

Sushi workshop
Sushi Meistrid
18th of September at 14:00 at Filiae Patriae Sorority

Come and have a great Sunday! Sushi Meistrid will teach you how to make sushi.

In addition to making one yourself, you’ll hear about the history, myths, techniques and so on. You can make futomakis (rice inside) and uramakis (rice outside).

The workshop takes about 3-4 hours. You need to pre-register because the number of participants is limited. To register, send a letter to merilin@animatsuri.eu.

Your participation is confirmed after paying 15€. The workshop is in Estonian.


töötuba temari v

Temari balls
Jaana Bichele
28th of September at 19:00 at Domus Dorpatensis

Registration is now closed. No more seats available.

Temari balls were used as toys or for juggling, but nowadays they are mainly used as decorative elements. Through history they have most anticipated gifts, symbolising friendship and luck. Mostly given during New Year’s.

The workshop is in Estonian, but Jaana can also teach you in English and Russian. Don’t hesitate and come try!