Japanese pop culture in Estonian written media

In 2003, Hayao Miyazaki won an Oscar for his movie “Spirited Away”. Since then, Japanese anime has been described in Estonian press as something creative, magnificent and enthralling, but words like ‘vulgar’, ‘unaesthetic’, and ’disgusting’ have also occurred. The presentation gives an overview of the representation of the Japanese pop culture in the years 2003-2015, focusing not only on anime but also on other topics, such as manga and lolita fashion. We will look into how the choice of topics has changed over the years, is Japanese pop culture more a yellow press thing or are there any articles with deeper discussion and development, and what is written overall. We will learn if Japanese pop culture has gotten more positive or negative reactions.

The presentation is based on a Bachelor’s thesis.

Japanese pop culture in Estonian written media 13.45Helina Ravasoo, Kommunikatsiooni magister, Tallinna Ülikool