Floor plan


On the 1st floor: here all of the interesting activities will take place. Ticket sales, AniMatsuri information table, other interesting infotables, Sushimon’s sushi café, Japanese tabletop games and PC/console games, DIY room, karaoke, wardrobe, changing room for female cosplayers, and workshop rooms (141 and 139). The VIP room is for those who bought the supporter tickets. In the atrium there will be music and you can just hang around there. On the wide stairs you will also find the photo booth.

The 2nd floor is for activities requiring a calmer environment. In the assembly hall we have our vendor tables, Brain Games’ tabletop games are right across from there, cosplay competition participants’ changing room (open only on Sunday!), the gym will hold demonstrations and the cosplay competition. There is also a changing room for male cosplayers, and the presentation rooms (203, 221 and 225). For this year, the flea market has relocated to the second floor of the atrium and in part to the assembly hall.

The floorplans will also be up on the walls at the school, but if you are interested in owning one personally, just click [HERE].