Nightcore 101

Surely while surfing on the internet you’ve stumbled upon strange sped up music called Nightcore that is almost always somehow connected to anime and general otaku culture. How to start with uploading Nightcore videos to Youtube or making Nightcore for your own listening pleasure but with no expenses? What surprised me and are things I would’ve liked to know when creating my Youtube channel? In this presentation I will talk about the basics of Nightcore and introduce the styles of other popular Nightcore channels.

My own channel is called Nightstep Trap and it’s over a year old. During this year I’ve gained experience with various Youtube limitations but also made a lot of friends without whom I wouldn’t have made it this far. I like the Nightcore community a lot as everyone is very supportive and helpful with bigger problems.

Nightcore 101 12:30Rena, Nightcore muusika tegija, Nightstep Trap