SHINDO (“the way of the heart” in Japanese) is a bodywork therapy developed in Japan by Kazuko Kuratomi during the early 80s and consists of stretching and relaxation exercises. This therapy’s roots are in the ancient Oriental, mostly Japanese traditions. According to the Oriental customs, shindo regards the human as a whole. The purpose of shindo is to free the mind and body from the accumulated physical and emotional stress and achieve a balance between body and mind.

Shindo is suitable for children, adolescents, and even the elderly. Shindo is not connected to any philosophy or religion. This therapy helps people open up, get rid of stress, and find a way to themselves. It’s also suitable for professional massage. There are no contraindications for shindo.

During the demonstration, you can take part in many exercises. There is no requirement for special clothing.

Shindo 14:15 - 16:15Kadri Pettai, Eesti Shindo Ühing