AniMatsuri 2017 AMV contest

27. märts 2017


AniMatsuri 2017 AMV contest is waiting for participants!

AMV stands for Anime Music Video. The idea is to take one or more of your favorite animes, find a fitting piece of music for the soundtrack, and edit together an exciting self-made music video.

The Rules

  1. The video must be between 2 and 5 minutes
  2. Each participant may submit up to two videos.
  3. The AMV must be created entirely by the submitter – it is not permitted to use AMVs created by others, even partially.
  4. The organizers have the right to remove works from the competition if they contain pornography or other improper materials.
  5. At least 70% of the video content must be from an anime, anime-style game, or other animation following the same style. The rest is up to the author’s creativity.
  6. The selection of music is free. You are allowed to use several different tracks, dialogue, and sound effects. Still, remember that this is a music video above all, so music should dominate.
  7. Teamwork is allowed. When submitting your video, list all members of the team.
  8. To give everyone an equal chance, it is forbidden to publish and promote your video before the competition. It is forbidden to advertise your video via YouTube or social media, as well as submitting videos that have taken part in any competition before.
  9. The submission must not contain opening and closing titles (such as the name of the author and the work, acknowledgements, etc.) The organizers will add an introduction with the names to each video. Use of titles for purely artistic purposes is allowed.
  10. The video must be submitted digitally. All common formats are accepted, as long as they can be played by VLC and MPC-HC players. Organizers have the right to disqualify submissions whose video quality is too low to show on a big screen in a large hall.

Some suggestions

  1. To ensure a good result, we suggest you use high-definition source material (1080p or 720p) and output the finished work in 1920×1080 or 1280×720 resolution as well. All other resolutions will be re-encoded by the organizers and we cannot guarantee that the picture quality will not suffer. Be sure to use standard 16:9 HD formats.
  2. We recommend using H.264 encoding for the video output.
  3. Please also pay attention to the quality of the sound. We recommend using the AAC encoding (192kbps or more) and making sure that the sound levels of all combined video clips are equalized.
  4. If the source material used in the making of the AMV contains text (clips of intros and outros, incidental subtitles, etc.), this is usually not specifically forbidden, but is highly discouraged – it makes the result look unprofessional, and certainly will not improve your chances with the jury or the public.

The competition

  1. The panel of judges assembled by the organizers will review all submissions, and rate them on a scale of 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. The first place will be awarded to the work that receives the highest number of judge points in total.
  2. The top 8* works rated highest by the judges will be screened at the festival, and will be eligible for the public vote. The judge ratings and the exact standings of the works in the judge vote will be revealed only after the public vote is completed.

* The organizers reserve the right to increase this number if necessary, based on the number of submitted works and their average length.

How to submit

Submission deadline: September 11th, 2017, 19:00 Estonian time.

Competing works may be submitted via a personal file server or a trustworthy public file exchange (Dropbox,, etc.). The video must be downloadable without special software (YouTube links are not allowed). The organizers do not provide a file server for submissions.

The maximum file size for videos submitted is 1 GB. The video must remain available on the server until the end of the AniMatsuri festival (September 24th, 2017).

To register for the competition, please send an email to

Include the following:

  • The name of the competing work;
  • Full names, ages and emails of all team members;
  • A link to the video;
  • The names of all tracks and animes used in the video.

By submitting your works, you are giving the organizers the right to publish them and promote them in media channels associated with the festival, including the AniMatsuri website, its YouTube channel, and forums.

Happy splicing!

For inspiration, here is the Top 3 from last year:

1. koht: -Intro- – Naatan Seeba

2. koht: Fake – Norman Seeba

3. koht: Pedaal, Pedaal, Untz, Untz – Olev Põldmaa

The theme for AniMatsuri 2017

21. märts 2017

The theme for AniMatsuri 2017 will be fantasy RPG. So bring out your mage staffs, ranger bows and barbarian axes and let the quest begin!

AniMatsuri 2017 plakat

AniMatsuri @ TourEst

08. veebruar 2017

AniMatsuri’s organizing body Animeclub Asashio will be taking part in the tourism fair TourEst this coming weekend (10th to 12th of February) in Tallinn.

You will find AniMatsuri’s organizers Kaia and Heikki at the Japanese Embassy stand (H5) in the Global Village where we will be sharing out travel experiences in Japan. You will have a chance to take part in a Shodo workshop (calligraphy, pre-registration needed), play Riichi mahjong, make Japanese styled Valentine’s Day cards, see a sushi making presentation and admire the beauty of ikebana. Children will have the opportunity to get an introduction to the Japanese language and make sushi. On Saturday, there will be a cosplay show on the main stage.

For more details and a timetable, please visit the website of the Japanese Embassy to Estonia.

We are grateful to the Japanese Embassy in Estonia for this opportunity! Also big thanks to Sushimon and the Japanese-English Language School for organizing activities with us.

TourEst website for more info: 

AniMatsuri 2017

03. jaanuar 2017 AniMatsuri 2017

AniMatsuri 2017 will take place on the 23rd and 24th of September 2017 in Tartu, Estonia.

AniMatsuri 2016 aftermovie!

12. detsember 2016

Viktoriini küsimused-vastused üleval!

04. oktoober 2016

AniMatsuri 2016 raames toimus traditsiooniline viktoriin, kus pandi proovile võistlejate teadmised festivali ja Jaapani kultuuri, eeskätt anime vallas. Nüüd oleme kõik küsimused ja nende õiged vastused interaktiivselt üles pannud!

Küsimusi ja vastuseid saad näha siit.

The winners of AniMatsuri 2016!

30. september 2016

This year the visitors could try their hand at video games, the quiz, making AMVs, writing haikus, drawing, and cosplaying. The following is a list of of every competition’s winners.




Representing Estonia: Fleur



1. place: Teezkut


2. place: Si3art


3. place: Pandemonnium


Stage performance

1. place: Wood Division


2. place: Feed Us


3. place: !!!???


Judges’ favorites

Do I – Knock



(temporary photo)

Elizabeta Hedervary


Audience’s favorite

Amiku Cosplay




Burnout Paradise

Tournament winner: Andrei Tuch


Tournament winner: Anne Grete

Street Fighter V

1. place: Reio Jõelo
2. place: Andres Simon Elken
3. place: Karl-Walter Sillaots



1. place: -Intro- – Naatan Seeba

2. place: Fake – Norman Seeba

3. place: Pedaal, Pedaal, Untz, Untz – Olev Põldmaa

Audience’s favorite: Fake – Norman Seeba


Haiku contest

Haiku in Estonian winner: Elli Kõiv
Haiku in English winner: Helga Erner


Drawing competition

1. place: Hildegard Reimann


2. place: Silvia Sigrid Sillaots


3. place: Eilin Taimla




1. place: Ummi and Cenorig (team
2. place: Salt squad
3. place: Karl & Gert


If you weren’t present during the award ceremony but wish to receive your prize, please contact

Lost and found items

27. september 2016

Our staff has some items in their possession that have lost their owners. Take a look at the pictures in this folder – maybe you recognize something of yours or your friend’s.

Contact if you discover your belongings in the bunch!

AniMatsuri 2016 is over!

27. september 2016

Another successful AniMatsuri is behind us. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary, an important milestone, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the following people:

First and foremost all visitors that took part in presentations and workshops, demonstrations and panels, and voted in the contests. Thank you all! We’re happy to have seen so many of you this year and we hope to see you again next year!

All speakers and workshop/demonstration conductors for putting the ‘culture’ in ‘pop culture festival’. We had a selection of fascinating topics covered this year by people from different countries! Special thanks to our international judge panel Mrgnob’s Cosplay and Fashion Workshop, Zel COShorse, and Shappi Workshop!

No festival would be the same without the helping hands of our volunteers. Thank you for being helpful and friendly throughout the whole event! We hope to see you next year!

Last but not least, our partners and sponsors! We hope you had as much fun at the festival was we did organizing it!

AniMatsuri 2016 may be over, but the work is only just beginning. See you on 23rd-24th September in Tartu!

~Your AniMatsuri staff

Cosplay parade!

21. september 2016 Cosplay parade!

This year we’ll be holding another cosplay parade on Saturday, 24th of September!

We’re starting at 11:45 in front of Hugo Treffner Gymnasium and we’ll be back by 12:00 for the opening ceremony. As soon as you get your wristband, make your way outside once more for the parade if you wish to participate!