AniMatsuri Grand Prix rules

  1. The competitor must be a citizen of Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania.
  2. The competitor must be of legal age by AniMatsuri 2017 (22nd of September 2018).
  3. For costumes, standard AniMatsuri costume rules apply (read more HERE).
  4. If the performers belong to a cosplay group (two or more people), it is possible to state which members of the group wish to compete for AniMatsuri Grand Prix.
  5. Not allowed to participate are the volunteers and staff members of AniMatsuri and UniCon.
  6. The exact date of the prize trip will be decided alongside the winner but the trip must cover the dates of Japan Expo 2019 (in July 2019, exact dates to be added) so the winner must be available to travel around these dates.
  7. The prize includes a two-way plane ticket from Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius to Paris, accommodation, and tickets for the event.
  8. AniMatsuri (hereinafter Organizer) has set financial limitations (cost of the travel packet) which Estravel is obliged to follow.
  9. Estravel will contact the winner on their own and will assist with the trip in every way.
  10. The winner must let the travel agency know about the chosen dates before 10th of October, 2018. If the winner has not chosen the dates before the aforementioned deadline, they lose the right to use the prize.
  11. The traveler is obliged to obtain a valid passport or ID card on their own. Estravel is not responsible for the cancelling of the prize trip due to problems on the traveler’s side.
  12. The prize trip will not be replaced with a different kind of prize by the winner’s demand or covered financially, unless the prize is replaced with another prize of the same value by the decision of the Organizer.
  13. If the prize trip is delayed or cancelled due to issues not connected to Estravel, Estravel will not cover travel damages or expenses on new tickets.
  14. If Estravel fails to contact the winner (except due to Organizer’s error), Estravel will not take responsibility for not participating in giving out the prize.

The prize trip is made possible by: