Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Registrations – Saturday 22.09 12:00-16:00
Tournament – Saturday 22.09 16:00-20:00

This year the main tournament will be in Dragon Ball FighterZ. An amazing anime fighter developed by the acclaimed Arc System Works – the makers of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series. Dragon Ball FighterZ shines with its fluid mechanics, over-the-top combos, awesome graphics and it brings a large roster of iconic Dragon Ball characters.

– The tournament takes place on PC and the game is played using Xbox One controllers (wireless). If you have an arcade stick that is compatible with Windows 10 and the Steam version of DBFZ, it can be used.
– The game is played at 60 FPS (frames per second).
– This is a Double Elimination tournament.
– All regular matches are Best of 3. Bracket finals and the grand final are Best of 5.
– The Losers Bracket winner has to beat the Winners Bracket winner TWICE.
– No time limit.
– No character lock. All characters allowed. All DLC characters that have been released on PC by 22.09.2018 can also be used.
– All available costumes can be used.
– There are no limitations regarding map and BGM choice. Choose what you like the most or use the default (auto) value.
– In case of a missing participant, the wait time is 3 minutes. If not present after 3 minutes, the match is put to the end of the queue. If the participant is still not present when it is time to play, the player will receive a loss.

TOP 3 will receive prizes! Award ceremony of AniMatsuri 2018 takes place on Sunday at the end of the festival.

Game trailer

 Suitable for ages 12 and up