Fake Samurai: The Image of Warriors in Film and TV Shows

The Japanese warrior culture went through a lot of changes from its beginnings in the 12th century to its withering in the 19th. The wild, raw, battle-hardened soldier of the Warring States era was replaced in the more peaceful Edo period by the staid administrator who misses the glorious and adventurous times, studies the warrior wisdom of bushidō, and practices battling an imaginary foe on the tatami mat. Still, the Japanese warrior is often represented on screen as a certain fictional idealized figure, as if stripped apart from his historical context. This presentation is about the authenticity of the portrayal of the samurai in film and TV shows, that is, how and whether the artistic vision matches the historical reality.

Fake Samurai: The Image of Warriors in Film and TV ShowsSaturday, 22.09 15:00 - 15:45
203Maret Nukke, Lecturer of Japanese Studies,, University of Tallinn

Bushidō – Way of the Warrior

The mentality and ethical views of the Japanese warriors have passed down to us in the form of an impressive heroic canvas – bravery, loyalty, courtesy, honesty, and justice, to name but a few. What do the history books say about this – and the contemporary texts? Is the samurai’s sword really his soul?

Bushidō – Way of the WarriorSaturday, 22.09 16:15 - 17:00
203Ene Selart

Cosplay posing

The main topic will be “Building a pose”. During the presentation I will speak about how the basic posing works step by step. If we have time, I would like to speak about preparing for a photoshoot.

Cosplay posingSaturday, 22.09 12:30 - 13:30
203Kirill Dogadajev, Kirill Dogadajev Photography

Blogging 101: the do’s and don’ts of blogging

We will talk about blogging! What are the things to keep in mind when blogging and what to definitely avoid. We will bring example from Estonian as well as international blogs.

Blogging 101: the do’s and don’ts of bloggingSunday, 23.09 12:30 - 13:15
225Inga Kupp-Silberg, Liis Raudsepp

Insight to European Geek Events

When travelling to different geek conventions and festivals is a part of your job you change your perspective. Head of UniCon Group, Sergey Parvatkin has visited dozens of events in various parts of Europe in the past five years. From enormous half a million visitors of Gamescom to a cozy family-like party Umi No Suna, each and every event has its own specialties and distinctive features. Visitors patterns, organizer policies, content creation as well as event survival tips in “Insight to European Geek Events”.

Insight to European Geek EventsSaturday, 22.09 15:30 - 16:00
202Sergejs Parvatkins, UniCon CEO, UniCon

AniMatsuri & UniCon, partners in crime

AniMatsuri and UniCon have been around for some time now: AniMatsuri is celebrating its 11th event and UniCon just ended with its 6th. While both share a similar visitor base, they are also very different. So what makes them different? How different is to organize these events? What makes them similar? Kaia (Head Organizer for AniMatsuri) and Sergejs (UniCon CEO) will share their experience in organizing the events since the beginning and how far things have come.

AniMatsuri & UniCon, partners in crimeSaturday, 22.09 17:30 - 18:15
203Kaia Jallai, Sergejs Parvatkins, AniMatsuri Head Organizer, UniCon CEO

AniMatsuri Q&A

AniMatsuri Head Organizer Kaia will be doing a Q&A panel for you to come and suggest ideas, ask those questions you always wanted to ask and give an overall view of how things are going.

AniMatsuri Q&ASunday, 23.09 13:45 - 14:30
225Kaia Jallai, AniMatsuri Head Organizer, AniMatsuri

Stage Performance: Basic rules

As a director Kristina is passionate about a beautiful and qualitative picture. That she can achieve by helping actors to show their best during the performance. Basically that’s her goal! Along with it Kristina visited different geek events and noticed that cosplayers keep making the same mistakes on stage. During her panel she’ll tell you about the most frequent mistakes and she will also explain how to avoid them so your performance would look much more professional.

Kristina has has finished New York Film Academy’s “High School Acting for Film Workshop”, is a certified screenwriter and an American “Repertory Theater” actress.

Stage Performance: Basic rulesSaturday, 22.09 16:15 - 17:00
225Kristina Tverdohleb, Freelance Director

The crazy life of a cosplay guest

I bet every one of you sometimes wonder how it is to be a cosplay guest that travels around the world and shares their passion for cosplay with thousands of people. Exciting, huh?! Lots of fame, gifts and other great stuff…? Oh boy! How I wish it was this easy! Come and listen to some cool and scary stories about guesting at cons. I will be happy to share my experience with you and to hear your questions so be sure to prepare some!

The crazy life of a cosplay guestSaturday, 22.09 15:30 - 16:15
221Kairi in Cosplayland, Kairi in Cosplayland

Photo offenses

We will be talking about why taking a certain picture can be a crime. I will explain the nature of identity theft and will bring examples of the new harassment stalking paragraph that also includes a quite common practice – stalking on social media. I will give tips how to stay safe and within the law on social media.

Photo offensesSunday, 23.09 12:30 - 13:15
203Maarja Punak, online constable

In Japan as a YFU Exchange Student

I plan to talk about my exchange year in Japan in 2017/18. You will get an overview of how to become an exchange student and how to finance the year. The main focus of my presentation will be on living in Japan for a year as an exchange student. I will be talking about my host family, school, pastime activities, the Japanese culture, and the Japanese themselves.

In Japan as a YFU Exchange StudentSaturday, 22.09 15:00 - 15:45
225Liisa Emilia Sorainen

The Art of Transformation

In this panel, Manuel D’Andrea will be talking about his cosplay journey: how he got started with it, what he has learned thanks to cosplay, where he is now. He will also be giving an insight to makeup transformation – which products he uses, how to make the makeup look better, but also tips and tricks regarding wigs and lenses. He will be answering your questions as well.

The Art of TransformationSaturday, 22.09 13:45 - 14:30
203Manuel D'Andrea, Manuel D'Andrea


We will be generally talking about the Japanese martial arts but we will also touch upon others. You will get a brief overview of the history of martial arts, how and from where they came to Japan: India, China, and Japan itself. We will also be discussing martial arts with and without weapons, the Japanese samurai weapons: sword, spear, naginata, etc, but also the weapons of Okinawa: bo, sai, tonfa, kama, etc. I will also be showing weapons and how they’re used, and you will have a chance to hold and try them as well.

IaidoSunday, 23.09 13:45 - 14:30
203Rein Paluoja, Budo school sensei, NPO Estonian Iaido Union

Fan journalism in Estonia, the functioning of publications created by fans and volunteers

As the title states, we will be talking about fan journalism in Estonia. In particular about four publications: Algernon, Reaktor, Level1 and How and why these publications started? How they are made? How topics and images are chosen? How collaborators are found and how to become one? And why do these people pour so much work and time into this voluntarily? These and other questions will hopefully be answered. The presentation is based on a University of Tallinn Master’s thesis.

Fan journalism in Estonia, the functioning of publications created by fans and volunteersSunday, 23.09 14:15 - 15:15
202Helina Ravasoo, Masters in Communication, University of Tallinn