OPENING MOVIE: Survival Family

The movie seances will be opened by Mr. Hideo Shinozuka, the First Secretary at the Japanese Embassy in Estonia.

Movie screenings:
– in Tartu, on September 11th at 19:00 at Elektriteater (Jakobi 1, Tartu)
– in Tallinn, on September 12th at 19:00 at Artis Cinema in Solaris Centre (Estonia pst 9, Tallinn)


Sabaibaru Famiri (サバイバルファミリー)
Year of release: 2017
Runtime: 117 min
Genre: Comedy, sci-fi
The movie is in Japanese with English subtitles.
Tartu screening event
Tallinn screening event

The Suzukis are an average household living in Tokyo. Even when the mother tries to make conversation, the father is focused on the TV, the son on listening to music, and the daughter on her smartphone’s SNS. They’re a typical family, together but divided. But one day, the Suzuki household encounters a crisis! When they wake up in the morning, all the electrical appliances have stopped! They assume it’s just their house, but soon find out the outage has occurred everywhere, not just in appliances, but also in trains, cars, gas and water systems. There are no phones with which to make contact, or trains to ride to work. They think they can get by putting up with it for just one day, but another day passes this way, and then another. What seemed to be a normal power outage is in fact something much more…

People are stripped of all convenience by the onset of this crisis. It’s then that the father, Yoshiyuki, makes the decision of a lifetime: “We’re going to escape from Tokyo!” Is there a future for the family in this world without electricity?! Can a failure of a father protect his family?! The curtain rises on the survival life of the Suzuki household!


Entrance is free!

This event is being organized in cooperation with Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in Estonia.