Gaijin Universe @ SÜNK IX

Gaijin Universe @ SÜNK IX

For those of you who are into interesting music and visuals can attend SÜNK IX in Tartu on the 7th of September in Hot Pot where Gaijin Universe will have its corner on the silent disco floor.

What is Gaijin Universe? Gaijin is a lifestyle. Universe is a collective. Outsider music to outsiders
What music they play? Japanese House, Electro, Trap, Footwork, but also some other enjoyable stuff
Who will play? Pavliuk, Ra, and Shion

Music will be played at SÜNK throughout the night. They start at 23:00 and will finish at 07:00 in the morning. Gaijin Universe can be heard from 01:00 to 06:00 on the silent disco stage.

Tickets can be bought beforehand for 10€ and at the door for 15€ (both cash)

To read more about what SÜNK IX has planned and where to buy tickets, visit their Facebook event PAGE.