Tokumaru's Japanese Market in Solaris

Tokumaru's Japanese Market in Solaris

On Sunday the 9th of September from 14:00 to 18:00, Tokumaru will celebrate it’s birthday with a Japanese themed market in Solaris Center. The event is taking place in cooperation withAniMatsuri festival.

Who are coming? 
Japanese restaurnt Tokumaru
Kopli Couture and silk kimonos
Jaapani Köök MoMo
OKEIKO and kawaii-styled mementos
Japanese beer by Biiru
Ice cream guru La Muu and matcha-ice cream
Chado Teeshop
Elika Hunt keraamika / Elika Hunt ceramics and dishes in raku-technic
Furoshiki käärö wrapping cloths
Ants Soosõrv and Japanese mind games
Tsunami Zaiku traditional handcrafted jewelry
Linnutee Design Japanesed themed counter by Maarja ja Triinu
Japanese styled hair jewelry by the brand Rasvatihane
South Korean natural cosmetics from Whamisa Eesti

What else happens?

  • Everyone is invited to to 100 origami sparrows to wish the best for both Estonia and Tokumaru.
  • Thematic music is brought to you by the Japanese ukulele virtuoso Kota Alex Saito and world music will be played by the band The Funk Ensemble of Tallinn, whos member is a Japanese trompet player Toshiki Kino.
  • Sachiko and Yumi will be showing how to wear a kimono and visitors can try on one.
  • Estonian Iaido Federation will have a demonstration.
  • Jaapani Kultuuri Koda organises a fun wanage-game.

The presenter for the day is a friend of Tokumaru-  Eero Reinu!

In all of the Tokumaru restaurants, the whole menu for the day will be 15% off.

The event is free so come with the whole family! 🙂

Don’t forget to mark yourself as attending on the Facebook event!