This year there will be no catering provided by the AniMatsuri festival, but various locales at Tasku Center are offering discounts to everyone wearing an AniMatsuri 2019 wristband.

NB! Bringing your own food to the Dorpat Conference Centre is not allowed! You may bring small snacks but salads etc must be eaten before passing through ticket sales. Bringing your own non-alcoholic drink is allowed and it is possible to buy drinks from the venue’s bar.

Yakuza Sushi Bar – discount -10%, AniMatsuri maki special price 5€

Yakuza sushi bar is located on the 4th floor in Tasku Center and offers a wide selection of Japanese dishes and drinks: traditional makis, chicken and shrimp dishes, soups-salads, wok, rice, and desserts.

Ränduri Pubi – discount -12%

On the 2nd floor of Tasku Center and above the bus station resides Ränduri Pubi. A cozy close-to-nature interior, tasty and affordable food, and always smiling servers are definitely a reason why people keep finding their way back to us.

Cookbook – discount -7%

Cookbook is at the heart of Tasku Center – a lovely café on the 2nd floor within Rahva Raamat.
This is a wonderful place to enjoy coffee and cake in the middle of a busy day, have dinner with family or friends, or enjoy lunch with colleagues.
The Cookbook family prepares the best coffee drinks and tastiest cakes in town. From our main menu you will find salads, pasta, soups, and steaks. We also offer a wide variety of coffee drinks, healthy smoothies, ice cream smoothies, etc.
We sell expertly crafted confectionery prepared on the spot. Confectionery can also be purchased on the go and pre-ordered.

Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza – discount -15%

Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza is a fast casual food style Italian restaurant.
We are located at the 2nd floor of Tasku Center. Da Vinci offers an Italian taste experience with various Italian dishes. In our menu you can find traditional Italian cuisine: pizzas, pasta, salads, soups, main courses, and desserts with which we want to introduce the Italian food culture. To complete the idea, we also offer genuine Italian ice cream (gelato).

Coffee In – discount -5%

From Coffee In you can buy various coffee drinks, cocoas, and tea. Coffee In’s red island is located on the 1st floor of Tasku Center right by the entrance from the bus station.

Boost Juice Bar – discount -10%

Boost offers freshly squeezed juice, various smoothies, and ice drinks. It is also possible to choose the ingredients for your own juice! Boost is located by the entrance to Turu st on the 1st floor.

Tokumaru Ramen & Sushi – discount -10%

Now you can enjoy the genuine Japanese cuisine right in Tartu’s city centre in Tartu Kaubamaja on the 3rd floor. Tokumaru offers widely known sushi as well as other exciting Japanese dishes. Our great gastronomic masterpiece is ramen – a popular Japanese noodle soup. We prepare our noodles fresh, just as we cook the broth, following the traditional family recipes of Tokumaru’s Japanese chef Daigo Takagi.
Tokumaru is a groovy place for both a relaxing lunch break and a more formal business lunch. For a soothing ambience in the evening one could go for a table for two, or spend their time joyfully at the large table.