Planning on taking part in the cosplay competition this year? Yes? Wonderful! Still on the fence? Well… let us introduce you to some of our awesome prizes this year to hopefully help you to decide!

# TRAVEL For a few years now we have enabled one of the cosplay competition participants (from Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania) to take a trip to an awesome international event. This year this one person will have the opportunity to visit HolidayMatsuri taking place in Orlando, Florida in the US in December 2019.

# REPRESENT Also travel related, but with an important and awesome opportunity for two Estonian residents to represent Estonia at an international competition – EuroCosplay in the UK in October 2019 and Nordic Cosplay Championship in Sweden in July 2020. 

# SUPPLIES We are super happy to announce that this year one of our sponsors for the cosplay competition is the wonderful Cosplay shop ‘Select Style’, where we know for a fact many of you get your cosplay materials from. All winners (including places 2 and 3) will be receiving some much needed materials to prepare for their next awesome costumes.

# FUN We are happy to see that BrainGames continues to provide our winners fun board games to play with your friends, family or team mates.

# YUM Let us not forget the Japanese snacks that we will be stashing in your winner bags to fill your tummy and play with your taste buds. Hoard to yourself or share with others, Japanese Culture Club will make sure that there will be something interesting to try.

Sounds tempting? Read more about the competition and the requirements on our website under Program -> Compete -> Cosplay competition