Last but definitely not least, the third judge for our cosplay competition!

Meet CaptainGhostly, an international cosplayer and prop maker based in Belgium. He is an enthusiastic explorer of novel materials, techniques and approaches to elevate his creations. Following on that, he introduced several new materials in the cosplay world together with where he is a manager. CaptainGhostly loves hosting workshops filled with practical tips and tricks to help others learn and grow in their own crafting journeys. This time he will be hosting a workshop/panel on ‘Cosplay Armor & Props: The Art of Crafting’.

CaptainGhostly has had the privilege of guesting over 60 times all around the world and judged international cosplay finals. His work has even been featured in the ‘Cool Japan’ exhibition at one of Belgium’s largest museums.

His ultimate goal is to use his presence to inspire others, share knowledge and be a positive influence in the community.

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Photographed by @atlesque