Hey, festival visitors! Before the AniMatsuri festival we want to remind you that Cosplay Is Not Consent!
Let’s be clear – wearing a costume is not an invitation for unwanted attention. Boundaries matter, and respecting them is what makes our community incredible. Remember, every costume is a masterpiece and every cosplayer deserves respect. Do not touch people’s costumes, wigs, etc without their consent. Always ask for permission before taking photos or engaging in any interactive cosplaying.
When snapping pics, make sure to respect personal space and comfort zones. A quick “May I take a photo?” can go a long way!
Compliments are awesome, but let’s keep it positive and uplifting. A friendly atmosphere makes the convention experience better for everyone.
Let’s make AniMatsuri a safe space filled with joy, creativity, and respect for one another! Be kind to others and let’s create unforgettable memories together!