We have exciting news for all Ghibli fans – for the first time, this year’s AniMatsuri will be set off by a nostalgic cosplay opening show inspired by different Studio Ghibli films! The show is created and will be brought on stage on the first day of AniMatsuri by the members of @coseststuudio, whom you have already seen on stage at several Baltic conventions.

Here’s a few words from CosEstStuudio:
Hello! We are super excited to open AniMatsuri this year with another opening show. This performance will be very different from our previous works – we have taken inspiration from contemporary dance and jazz, along with some theatrical elements and even classical dance! This, combined with the nostalgic characters and the breathtaking Ghibli Studio soundtracks, makes for a unique and beautiful performance that will be the perfect start for AniMatsuri. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with this time!
Check out their instagram to see more of CosEstStuudio’s activities!
Photo: @Liisi Lipso