Syed Ali

Syed Ali (UK), D.Blarg354 on social media, is a photographer who has been attending conventions for over ten years, however it was only in 2018 that he got the photography bug, with his year in Japan being what set him on his current path. As of now his work has been featured in NEO Magazine, UK’s biggest and best journal of all things happening in Asian pop culture, and has hosted panels on photography. His unique set up of a mixture of old “vintage lens” with a modern system allows him to capture images that are unique to his process.  

His portfolio can be found here:



Kirill Dogadajev

Kirill Dogadajev (LV) aka DrAlian started to photograph in 2003. Since then he has been published in many papers, journals and media. The most interesting experience for him was to be published in the “National Geographic” journal. He crossed paths with the cosplay community in 2017 and since then he has participated in 16 conventions with his photo corner. The result of his work is not just the photo. He feels like it’s his job to give everyone an opportunity to build up confidence with photography and posing. He says that it is so satisfying to see the bright eyes and smiles of his guests, who just a few minutes before the shooting were thinking that they don’t know how to pose. 

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Siiri Kumari

Siiri has been engaged in photography for over 15 years. In her works, she focuses on fairy-tale and fantasy-filled plots and environments. Most of all, she appreciates originality, emotion and good lighting solutions in artworks.

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