20 - 21 July, Riia 25, Tartu, Estonia

What is AniMatsuri?

Simply put, AniMatsuri is a festival for those interested in the Japanese culture. The emphasis is on the Japanese pop culture – anime, manga (Japanese comic), music, video games, fashion, etc.


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Even though we have known already for a while that it is coming, it does not make it any easier to announce or even grasp what it actually means. Especially when it is about something that

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Tickets Now Available

Tickets now available! Get ready for this summer’s ultimate experience! Tickets for AniMatsuri 2024 are now on sale! Get your tickets now! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your spot and join in on

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Tickets & Location


The cost of the tickets changes depending when it’s bought:

  • Presale tickets are 15€ for one day and 18€ for two days(sold until 19.07.2024)
  • Regular tickets are 18€ for one day and 20€ for two days (sold at the venue)

–Children up to 2 years old (included) get in for free.
–Children under 10 years of age must have a companion of at least 15 years of age.

Your ticket will be switched for a wristband at the festival, which means that you can move freely in and out of the festival grounds.

Visitors are required to read through and follow the Festival Code of Conduct.

This year Supporter tickets are also available to buy through Fienta. The Supporter tickets are for those of you who wish to contribute a bit.
The tickets will be on sale only at Fienta until 14. of June and the price is 40€.

If you lose your wristband or it is destroyed, you have to buy a new ticket to get to the festival grounds.

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Mart Reiniku kooli Riia mnt 25 õppehoone pilt AniMatsuri will this year be taking place at the Mart Reiniku School at their Riia 25 school building.

The Riia 25 building of Mart Reiniku School is located about a 15-minute walk away from the city center. Next to the building is the St. Paul’s church in front of which you will find the “Pauluse” bus stop. The buses numbered 1, 2, 8, 11 ja 12 coming from the city center will stop there. Across the street from the church is the Widget Factory Aparaaditehas, where you will find locations to eat (Trikster Tihane, Veg Machine, Kolm Tilli, Aparaat and others). A 7-minute walk away is the Lembitu Konsum where you will find the Coop convenience store. Hostel Looming and Hektor Design Hostel are a few minutes’ walk away. 

Please also pay attention that the official address of the school is on Vanemuise street. We, however, are in their other building which is located on Riia street. People who have visited Tartu years ago might remember that the Tartu Grownups School and Pushkin Gymnasium have been in the same building in the past.

The festival will be happening on multiple floors of the school. There is no elevator. 

About the Organisers

The organizer of Momiji festival is NPO Japanese Culture Club Asashio. Asashio is a Tartu-based club for Japan lovers. It has been active since 2005. The club started out as an anime club which focused mainly on Japanese pop culture, but as time has passed, the interest and activities have developed into a general interest in Japanese culture. The main activities of the club include organizing events related to the same topic. There have been various lectures, presentations, parties, game nights, movie nights, and workshops. One of the main events is the annual AniMatsuri festival that keeps growing and growing with every year. Since 2015, a parallel event called Japan Month has taken place that focuses on the broader culture of Japan. It was renamed Momiji in 2022.