You can buy tickets at Fienta.

The cost of the tickets changes depending when it’s bought:

  • Presale tickets are 15€ for one day and 18€ for two days (sold until 19.07.2024)
  • Regular tickets are 18€ for one day and 20€ for two days (sold at the venue)

This year Supporter tickets are also available to buy through Fienta. The Supporter tickets are for those of you who wish to contribute a bit more to the happening of the festival. The tickets will be on sale until 14th of June 2024 and the price is 40€.

The number of tickets on sale is limited!

Children under 10 years of age must have a companion of at least 15 years of age. Children up to 2 years old (included) get in for free.

  • Your ticket will be switched for a wristband at the festival.
    • There are two kinds of wristbands for ticket owners:
      • with the 1-day ticket you can visit the event either on Saturday (20.07) or Sunday (21.07);
      • with the 2-day ticket you can visit the event on both days (20. and 21.07).
    • A wristband means that you can move freely in and out of the festival grounds at any time the area is officially open.
  • The festival team or security have the right to:
    • deny you entry to the festival if there is suspicion that the ticket/wristband is not real or not for this event for the noted access dates;
    • check the existence of your wristband at any time during your time on the festival grounds;
    • ask you to leave the festival grounds in case you don’t have a wristband or it is not the correct wristband.
  • Visitors are required to read through and follow the Festival Code of Conduct!
  • If you lose your wristband or it is destroyed, you have to buy a new ticket to get to the festival grounds!!